Adolescent depression or teenage depression is a mental and emotional disorder which is similar to adult depression. As it is not usual for young teens to experience depression but during the duration of adolescence, there is always a time with physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that a teenager becomes vulnerable. Adolescence is that stage of life when a child transitions into an adult. During this transformation period, many teens face many issues of independence and self-identity and face tough choices as they are confused about how they feel which can result in either passive or outrageous ways. The adolescent is that stage of life which is full of uncertainties because a teen has to make a lot of choices, take responsibilities and are exposed to peer pressure.

Teen depression or adolescent depression is a serious health problem that can cause loss of interest in activities, anxiety, and sadness. If a teen is depressed then it can affect how he or she thinks, feels, behaves and reacts which causes physical, emotional and mental problems. Depression is a health problem that can affect people of any age and at any time in life; but the symptoms of adult depression and teenage depression may vary. Teenage depression is not caused due to weakness and cannot be overcome by willpower. This health problem can have a serious effect on the teen’s health and can require a long-term treatment. As during the adolescent period, a teen faces many issues like change in the body, academic pressure, peer pressure which can cause lots of pressure to the teen; that can lead to a persistent feeling of sadness causing teenage depression.

Often teens with depression will have a noticeable change in their behavior, mood, and thinking. They might become de-motivated and spend hours in their bedroom after school doing nothing. Their daily habits will change such as sleeping more, eating habits and loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed. Teens suffering from depression may also indulge in criminal activities or substance abuse. Depression in teenage is dangerous because teens with depression will have different levels of hormone and neurotransmitters than adults. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals in the brain which are responsible for how brain cells communicate with one another which is important in regulating one’s behavior, mood and reaction.

As teenage depression is caused due to multiple pressure and events, there is no single treatment for it. It can take time to identify the right treatment for it. To avoid depression in teens you should often talk to your child about their feelings, school life, and personal life. Depression can have a negative impact on your child but with proper treatment, your child can get the help that he or she requires.

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