Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Mental health issues influence more then 26% of the population. This information can be disconcerting, thinking that about 2/3 of those diagnosed with a psychological condition remain neglected. While mental illnesses are occasionally caused by chemical imbalance in the brain, a few of these are caused by the experiences that we have came across, such as fatality of a loved one, accidents, abuse, and other various terrible experiences. For this reason, the objective is to keep a favorable or great psychological wellness, where one has the ability to take control of their life and be able to deal with any and all circumstances that come their way by any means. Below are some ideas on taking care of psychological and mental wellness.


Easier said then done, I know. How do we remain delighted? How can we retrain our minds to remain delighted in not-so-ideal and stressful circumstances? One of the ways we do this is by balancing our time. After a hectic day or week, take time to unwind. Do something

pleasurable with your loves ones, friends, or alone. Writing has always worked for me as my go-to for releasing emotion, understanding what I am thinking, or just to stay busy if needed. It is very important to take time to rest, reflect, and renew. Staying positive is achieved by doing activities which make you happy. It is achieved by reprogramming our minds to think a positive thought every time a negative thought or influence is presented. It is consciously trying to change the subconscious mind and trick it into positive thinking while understanding everything happens for the best possible outcome to yourself.


Aside from balancing our time and being aware of our negative thoughts, we must also handle time well. To reduce stress, make a schedule of things you will do, and STAY WITH IT!

I fall behind on this sometimes, sticking to a schedule can be difficult for me, but believe me it is imperative to your mental and emotional state of being. When we make a schedule we subconsciously give ourselves "tasks" or "small goals to achieve" Even if it is as simple as wake up at at 7A.M. shower, eat breakfast, and do laundry. These little daily tasks created by your schedule makes you feel a sense of accomplishment when you check one of them off your list. When this little pleasure happens your brain releases endorphins. This elevates your current mental and electrical state. It raises our frequency and sends out into the universe a positive frequency. Which, they do say, "You get what you give" Put out negative then you will get negative returned, but if you put out positive only positive will come back onto you.


Be not only tolerant but respectful of others. Everybody is going through their own storm. View others as if you are viewing yourself. Be Kind! Everyone is their own unique person with various perspectives, views, knowledge, and experiences. We need each other to learn, we need each other to grow! We need to accept and respect each other's ideas and opinions, even if it varies from our own. Accept the disadvantages and drawbacks of others. Once we find out to accept, there is a lower chance of conflict, which can be frustrating, difficult, and put us in unnecessary lower vibrational, emotional, and mental states.


Find time to talk to somebody, even if you do not know them personally. I have come to discover that many people would rather talk to a stranger then someone close to them or that they know. Releasing and Speaking about our experiences helps us let go of what we do not need and gives us introspection on where these thoughts and emotions come from. It also allows for another's perspective. We can not always see everything from the Inside where we are. It takes another's perspective and viewing from the outside looking in, to sometimes show you things you can not see. If you are worried about paying for a therapist, or not having insurance to cover expenses, there are a multitude of resources out there for you! My favorite personally is Life On Life Terms Support Group Call. This is a call where members offer FREE SUPPORT to anyone who wants to call in and express how they are feeling. Life On Life Terms offers resources for callers ranging from general advice, to holistic eating and healing, Lupus wellness coaching, domestic violence support, and stress and anxiety relief. It is exactly what is essential and needed.

Talking to someone is a big step, especially when you are so used to keeping everything bottled up inside. The act of sharing your experiences, concerns or issues with someone is exhilarating and releases a huge weight from your shoulders and mind. Likewise, learn to pay attention to others concerns for you just as your own concerns for them to feel better. This, in effect, leads to you not just having helped yourself but you've helped them too.

Psychological and Mental Wellness is one of the most neglected health conditions of this time. By staying positive, sticking to our schedules, doing things we love, and talking with others about our concerns and experiences we are allowing ourselves to reach a new level of happiness, discovery, and are stepping towards a healthy mental and psychological state of being.

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