Since 2017, LIFE ON LIFE TERMS has helped create supportive communities for individuals who are overcoming difficulties.

 We understand how helpful it is for people going through life issues to find a space where they can build connections with others who understand exactly what they’re experiencing. That is why Peter Stephen CEO/Owner of LIFE ON LIFE TERMS had an idea that would spark the start of our support group and support group calls. The vision was for LIFE ON LIFE TERMS to supply everyone and anyone an outlet to speak and be heard.


LIFE ON LIFE TERMS support group members are here to listen, offer advice if wanted, and give resources when needed. The support is a great opportunity for callers to call in, release emotions and stress, be heard, and more importantly, be listened to. Some of our calls are topic based but anyone can call in and express themselves about whatever issues or experiences they may be facing. 

Callers are given the option to give their name or use an alias for privacy reasons. We have made changes in the support group over the last 4 years and we found it best for all calls to remain confidential and not recorded, unless stated otherwise,  to protect our callers privacy. Below you will find examples of past support group calls which have been recorded. 

Feel free to reach out for additional information.

Our support group takes place the 1st and 3rd

Tuesday of each month at 9P.M. EST. 

You can call in at 302-202-1108 and use CODE: 738556

Or click the CALL NOW link below.